COVID-19 Warehouse Update


Secret Weapon Miniatures
Sacramento, CA, USA
21-April-2020 UPDATED
15-June-2020 UPDATED
7-July-2020 UPDATED

We are slowly catching up, but any order with resin may take as long as six weeks to ship. We went from having two people pouring resin full time, seven days a week, to one person doing it three days per week. Nolan is kicking butt on that front, but as of 7-July we're more than 550 orders behind -- the good news is that a week ago we were more than 600 behind. Slow progress.

If you are ordering Tablescapes Tiles or Dungeons products, there has been a delay on our most commonly used box size. We expect delays on these orders until 22-July.

If you are ordering paints, washes, or pigments and your order does not include any resin items it should ship within one week.

Wholesale orders are currently suspended.

Convention support is currently suspended. (also, please stop getting together.)

Flash sale items will be given shipping priority as they do not involve significant effort, and we must clear space in the warehouse to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding. We're doing what we can with such a limited crew. Lindsey and Jess are in the warehouse every day getting orders out. Nolan comes in at midnight to pour resin for eight hours, then wheels the molds out to the warehouse and sanitizes surfaces. We're only pouring resin three days each week so that we can lower the exposure risk for everyone. Sacramento is a massive hot spot, and we're out of testing kits, and ICU beds. It's a mess here, and we're trying to be safe.

Keep Apart And Carry On,

Justin 'misterjustin' McCoy