COVID-19 Warehouse Update


Secret Weapon Miniatures
Sacramento, CA, USA
7-April-2020 21-April-2020 UPDATED

We have been told that shelter-in-place requirements will remain in place through the month of May. As an owner I am allowed to go into the warehouse to maintain "essential operations" -- which means getting orders out.

I am keeping the warehouse open with the help our roommate to get orders shipped.

We are doing our best to get into the warehouse 2-3 days each week, for 2-3 hours per visit at the moment. As this becomes more part of our routine we expect to increase both the hours, and days that we're working in the warehouse. However, with only two of us in the warehouse, and then not as often as we'd like, it is very slow going.

In the interim... We have shipped 156 orders between 7- and 21-April. At the time of this post we have 414 orders in the queue. We are expecting orders to take at least three weeks to process. We are working as hard as we can to keep things moving, and truly appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your support, and your patience, during these uncertain times.

Keep Apart And Carry On,

Justin 'misterjustin' McCoy