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This is it, the mother of all pigment sets! This set includes all 23 of the Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments, and a bottle of our pigment fixer!

Save almost 20% ($25!) when you purchase the entire line of weathering pigments in one go!

Each bottle contains approximately 20ml of pigment and you get all 23 colours with this set:

Ash Grey
Burning Sand
Clay Brown
Dark Earth
Exhaust Black
Faded Green
Metallic Iron
Oxide White
Patina Blue
Red Brick
Rust Brown
Rust Orange
Rust Red
Terracotta Earth
Faded Blue
Green Earth
Yellow Earth
Slate Green
Slate Grey
Ancient Earth
Sewage Muck
Dark Yellow

The technique is as simple as adding a bit of pigment to a brush, or even your fingertip, and gently rubbing it over the area that youd like to weather.

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