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These are the most comfortable miniature holder to hold in your hand. I have a lot of other mini holders, but this one is by far the king. The 50mm bar is the easiest to use. Not too big and not too small for most normal sized figures. The medium 70mm bar size is also useful for slightly larger figures, but it's a bit trickier to hold on to, being taller. My hands are pretty small though.

Just add a bit of white tac or earthquake putty between the base and the cork and you will be good to go. I like the bar to be a bit loose so I usually raise the grey "bar tightener" a few mm so it can rotate more freely.

I have been using the dark wood version of this for a while, as well as a few of the smaller holders. I wanted a second lighter color Grip for those times I am switching between 2 similar figures (going back and forth while one is drying). The smaller holders are also nice, but the grip is the ultimate for long painting sessions where my hands get tired. It may sound odd that the larger holder is a bit less tiring to hold than the smaller one, but it really is, at least for me.
Date Added: 09/06/2018 by Brian Olivier