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Tablescapes Tiles: Forgotten City (16 Tiles)

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Of the different Tablescapes themes, this one is particularly useful for fantasy gaming in grid-based systems such as D&D or Pathfinder, as the flagstones are 1"x1" (meaning a 12x12 grid for each tile). Some areas of the "flagstones" may be obscured by "overgrowth," but the grid overlay can be reinforced by using straight-edges to line up and paint dots at the grid corners in any of those spaces where the flagstones are hidden. The high-impact plastic receives spray-on primer just fine, and I was able to get the boards table-ready with just a few basic steps (base-coat grey primer, stain with assorted washes of grey and brown, dry-brush light grey, stipple-brush "overgrown" areas with green, then do detail work on features such as skulls). These are sturdily constructed, and I love the ease of assembly and disassembly thanks to the corner-clip design.
Date Added: 01/23/2019 by Jordan Peacock