Retailer Support

Secret Weapon believes that supporting local retailers is central to supporting the broader hobby and gaming community. Local retailers are the first point of contact for new and veteran gamers and hobbyists alike. That makes retailer support a core priority for us.

Although all wholesale orders are handled by our distributors if you ever need additional support, can't find the item you're looking for through your distributor, need replacement labels... or just have questions about the product you can contact the man in charge, at any time, by emailing jmccoy at Secret Weapon Miniatures dot com or by using our contact form.

Retailer Newsletter

Secret Weapon also maintains a newsletter exclusively for our resellers. The Retailer Connection will give you information on upcoming Secret Weapon releases - but also give you product matching suggestions to match SWM products to the needs of your customers, such as basing suggestions for new army releases.

To sign up for the Retailer Connection Newsletter please use the contact form and include the following information:

Your name
The name of your store
The name of the distributor(s) you are using

You will receive a confirmation and welcome email - usually within 24 hours.

Wholesale Orders

Retailers interested in reselling Secret Weapon products should visit our Where to Buy page for a list of current distributors.