About Us

The Story So Far...

Secret Weapon Miniatures was launched in September of 2009 with four core product concepts:

More Realism
Truer Scale
Uncompromising Quality
Fair Pricing

Even with more than 400 individual products those core values remain at the heart of what we do.

In 2010 we added the Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments to the catalog to bring high quality, pure pigments to wargamers and scale model hobbyists at reasonable prices with in-store support for retailers. That line now includes 23 individually selected, quality tested art and cosmetic grade pigments free from additives or fillers that will interfere with weathering techniques.

In 2011, with the help of Les Bursley, the Secret Weapon Washes joined the catalog to give hobbyists an alternative to the cheap, thinned inks being sold as washes by providing true acrylic washes with a liquid pigment base that can be used to wash, glaze or paint a model. Today there are 30 colors available with in-store rack support for retailers.

In 2012 we expanded to offer the largest selection of basing themes on the market, and introduced unique themed hollow designs like our "Blasted Wetlands" line. This selection continues to grow, and takes advantage of advances in 3D printing and milling technology to give us a level of unmatched precise detail.

In 2013 we refocused on our "From The Ground Up â„¢" vision and expanding our line of weathering products, bases, terrain, and accessories -- with an emphasis on model finishing, and comprehensive gaming and display environments. We also successfully funded the first four themes of our Tablescapes Tiles â„¢ modular gaming boards on Kickstarter, complete with matching bases and terrain, to give you a fully themed army, literally from the ground up.

In 2014 we're bringing the Tablescapes Tiles to market, gearing up for new Tablescapes themes, and beginning research on new ways to weather models....

About the Founder....

Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, President
Justin McCoy has been an administrative and executive manager for more than 15 years - from Creative Services Manager to Executive Director - and has worked with several of the Fortune 500 companies. In 2009 he and his wife were expecting a child (Shaemus, born 2010) and he decided that the corner office wasn't compensation enough for the long hours and stress induced ulcer and left them behind to found Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc.

In four short years Justin has turned Secret Weapon into an internationally recognizable brand in several segments of the market -- with products selling directly and through local retailers to customers across the globe. His business development experience has been complimented by his demanding standards as a hobbyist and helped establish the core values that reflect "Inspired Designs, Uncompromising Quality" that are the Secret Weapon hallmark.

Justin is also an accomplished modeler, and brings his hobby experience to the table to help with product development and testing. In addition to his time at Secret Weapon, he travels to events around the country to teach hobby related classes. His work has also earned him more than two dozen awards, including an IPMS "Best of Show" trophy, which you can see at www.misterjustin.com.

About the Team....

Secret Weapon, 2014
From the garage, to our shiny new warehouse and custom built casting room, it has been quite a trip! Secret Weapon now has seven full-, and one part-time employee. Every member of the team is fully committed to the quality of the products that we sell, and enjoys long walks in the rain... or something like that.

Of course we did manage to outgrow our new warehouse space in less than a year... but that's a different story.