Quality Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your Secret Weapon purchase for any reason please contact us immediately for a refund or replacement.

Quality Standards

Secret Weapon Miniatures has become a recognizable brand, and one of the fastest growing companies in our market, in large part because we maintain incredibly high quality assurance standards. At Secret Weapon we're not content to idle on the reputation we've built and maintain that we will never ship a product that we wouldn't be happy to purchase ourselves.

Resin Bases & Terrain

We have a simple standard for our resin bases:

If you can't fix it with a hobby knife it doesn't ship.

If you're buying resin bases that means you might get some flash along the edges, or a small bubble that breaks the edge of the base that might need a bit of putty. You should NEVER receive a base with a bubble on the surface, or that breaks a surface detail.

Each and every piece is inspected prior to being bagged, tagged and shipped. We do not back-fill bubbles or sand away imperfections prior to packaging. Any resin product that does not meet our exacting standards is simply added to the infamous "Bag O' Crap." If you ever receive a resin product that doesn't meet your standards please contact us immediately for a replacement.

Resin Vehicles / Malice Terrain

It's a truism of the hobby industry that the larger the resin piece is the more prone to defects it is. With our large kits, including vehicles, and the Malice RPG line, we know that some bubbling and mold slippage is inevitable. It is also necessary to cast these pieces using a series of gates, and vents which often leave behind areas that require cutting and/or sanding - however if you are ever unhappy with the quality of any component of a kit sent to you please contact us immediately for a replacement or refund.

Metal Products

As with all metal products some flash and mold lines are to be expected. Each piece is inspected prior to being bagged and tagged and we do our best to remove the larger pieces of mold flashing during this process. If you receive a metal cast product that has more than minor mold lines or flashing please contact us immediately for a replacement.

Secret Weapon Washes

The Secret Weapon Washes are manufactured by hand in small batches of 80-100 bottles at a time. Because we're working in small batches minor variations in colour sometimes occur. We have a set of master swatches that each batch is checked against to ensure that these variations are limited and that no major, noticeable differences exist between batches.

If you receive a bottle that does not match your previous batch of a specific colour please let us know right away. We will have a replacement shipped out immediately.

Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments

The Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments are pure art and cosmetic grade pigments free from additives or fillers. Each has been quality tested over several popular acrylic and oil paint brands by dry application, with isopropyl alcohol and commercial thinners and fixers.

In addition to providing pigments free from additives or fillers Secret Weapon is committed to using natural pigments in favor of oxides. Oxides are treated pigments that often provide a more brilliant colour, usually at a lower cost, but the process sometimes introduces imperfections that create unpredictable results for scale model weathering techniques. At this time Secret Weapon is only using three oxide colours: Rust Red, Oxide White and Exhaust Black.

Because these are natural materials it is possible to find minor variations between orders. To help offset this Secret Weapon places large bulk orders for the pigment direct from the quarry supplier. In the unlikely event that you receive a batch that does not match your previous bottles please contact us immediately.