After hearing countless people say, "I wish I'd seen this before I bought that," when we roll out new releases we decided it was time to unveil the Secret Weapon Trade-In Program.

This program will allow you to exchange your current resin bases for the latest and greatest from Secret Weapon Miniatures!

But wait, there's more!

When you receive the coupon code for your trade-in you can use it to purchase ANY Secret Weapon product. So if you don't need more bases you can pick up some of our incredible washes or pigments!

But wait, there's more!

Non-Secret Weapon products are eligible for trade-in! No, really, you can send us resin bases from one of our competitors and get a credit to use on your next Secret Weapon purchase.

Here's how it works:

Product: Direct ordered SWM product
Voucher Value: 80%
Minimum Order: Retail value
Example: $10 trade-in = $8 credit with a $10 minimum order

Product: Non-Direct ordered SWM product (from a retailer, etc.)
Voucher Value: 70%
Minimum Order: 1.5x retail value
Example: $10 trade-in = $7 credit with a $15 minimum order

Product: New In Box Non-SWM product (bases from another company)
Voucher Value: 50%
Minimum Order: 1.5x retail value
Example: $10 trade-in = $5 credit with a $20 minimum order

Only resin bases are eligible for trade-in credit at this time.

Once your trade-in is received you will be issued a coupon code with a cash value equal to the trade in value and minimum purchase. This code cannot be combined with other coupons but can be applied to any product in our catalog.

Direct ordered SWM products will be verified against your order number. If you do not have your order number we can generally find it in our system using your registered email address. You will only receive direct ordered credit if the order can be verified.

To start your trade-in use our contact form and give us the following information:

Product manufacturer
Type and quantity of bases
Condition of bases - new in box, etc.

We will reply letting you know if your product is eligible and give you an address for the trade-in material. We recommend using a shipping method with delivery confirmation as only products verified as received will be credited.

Trade-in your unwanted bases today and upgrade your army!