Tips & Tutorials

Whether you're trying to add realistic weathering to your models or need tips on how to use the "Instant Scenery Kits" you'll find your tutorials here.

If you have a question about basing, weathering or other detailing please email misterjustin at secret weapon miniatures dot com.


Useful tutorials on our Tablescapes Tiles or Tablescapes Realms

Tablescapes Realms: Tan Paints (video)
Tablescapes Realms: Dark Grey Paints (video)
Tablescapes Realms: Light Grey Step By Step
Tablescapes Realms: Ice Caverns (video)
Tablescapes Realms: Q&A (video)
Tablescapes Tiles: Manufacturing (video)

Product Highlight

Product Highlight: Leaf Litter (video)
Product Highlight: Using Brass Etch Panniers (video)
Product Highlight: Using Brass Etch Razor Wire (video)
Product Highlight: Secret Weapon Acrylics (video)
Product Highlight: Secret Weapon Washes (video)
Product Highlight: 25mm to 32mm Conversion Rings (video)
Product Highlight: Tree Stumps (video)
Product Highlight: Tau Ceti Remastered (video)
Product Highlight: Iron Deck Remastered (video)
Product Highlight: Resin Sack O' Skulls (video)
Product Highlight: Traffic Pylons (video)
Product Highlight: Broken Columns (video)
Product Highlight: Gothic Terrain - Power Generator (video)
Product Highlight: Using Brass Etch Letters (video)
Product Highlight: Juweela Tank Traps (video)
Product Highlight: Urban Dust Pigments (video)
Product Highlight: Juweela Sandbags (video)
Product Highlight: 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle (video)

Painting Bases

Painting Bases: Asian Garden (video)
Painting Bases: Creeping Infection (video)

Secret Weapon Scenics

Scenics: Crushed Glass Snow (video)
Scenics: Modeling Snow
Scenics: Creating Realistic Rock
Scenics: Creating Realistic Mud
Scenics: Creating Razor Wire Barricades (video)
Scenics: Creating Blood & Gore (video)
Scenics: Creating Wetlands & Swamps (video)
Scenics: Creating Trench Works Bases (video)

Weathering Tips

Weathering: Tank Treads
Weathering: Pigment Streaking (video)
Weathering: Sanding Decals (video)
Weathering: Worn Leather (video)
Weathering: Oil Spills (video)
Weathering: Salt Chipping (video)
Weathering: Weathering Tank Treads (video)
Weathering: Drybrushing Acrylics (video)
Weathering: Broken Glass (video)
Weathering: Sponge Chipping (video)
Weathering: Weathering Brass (video)
Weathering: Weathering X-Wings (video)
Weathering: Denting Plastic Kits (video)
Weathering: Rust, 2 ways (video)

General Painting Tips

Painting: Priming (video)
Brushes: Brush Usage (video)
Displaying Models: Art Boards (video)
Painting: Spray Cans (video)
Painting: Edge Highlights (video)
Painitng: White Vs. Black Primer (video)
Painting: Airbrushing Inks (video)
Brushes: Scharff & Raphael 8404 vs. W&N Series 7

Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Pinning Bases (video)
Quick Tip: Razor Wire Barricades (video)
Quick Tip: Welding Seams (video)
Quick Tip: Tiny Bungee Cords (video)
Quick Tip: Big Snow (video)
Quick Tip: Fine Snow (video)
Quick Tip: Trash Bags (video)
Quick Tip: Zenithal Priming(video)
Quick Tip: Using Turf (video)
Quick Tip: Ground Flocking (video)
Quick Tip: Engine Glow (video)
Quick Tip: Double Sided Tape (video)
Quick Tip: Basing with Dirt (video)
Quick Tip: Getting Texture from Pigments (video)
Quick Tip: Vehicle Plating - Plate Steel (video)
Quick Tip: Making a Manhattan (video)

Workbench Wednesdays

Workbench Wednesday General Hobby