Weathering Acrylics - Complete Set (No Rubber)


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Secret Weapon Acrylics use high-density pigments to give increased coverage with smooth consistency, are airbrush friendly, and made in the USA with non-toxic, water soluble materials.

This set includes 29 of the 30 Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylic colors. Please note: Rubber is out of stock and not included.

-Rust Shadow

-Old Rust

-Brown Rust

-Red Rust

-Orange Rust

-Yellow Rust

-Tire Black (Satin)

-Rubber Out of Stock

-Rubber Highlight

-Dark Wood

-Handle Wood

-Weathered Wood

-Brass Casings (Metallic)

-Dark Iron (Metallic)

-Copper Fixtures (Metallic)

-Fresh Oil (Gloss)

-Old Oil (Gloss)

-Engine Fluid (Gloss)

-Orange Heat

-Blue Heat

-Purple Heat

-Light dust

-Caked Dirt

-Old Mud

-Verdigris Blue

-Verdigris Pale Green

-Verdigris Dark Green

-Engine Metal (Metallic)

-Engine Grime

-Engine Rust

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