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Masterclass Scenics: Crushed Glass Bundle


Bases can be absolutely boring if you're not careful. Slap some glue on it, throw on some sand, maybe a little grass, oh and some snow for good measure. And the next thing you know the last base looks exactly like the first and you've wasted the opportunity to make your miniature really stand out.

If you're going to make the effort to give your mini an exceptional paint job, don't ignore the base. It's the foundation - literally! Most hobbyists know the standards - sand, grass, snow and maybe some water effects. But the Crushed Glass Bundle gives you the tools to achieve a surprising amount of variety in a simple and straight forward kit.

The easiest project is melting snow. Those of you who are familiar with snowy climates know when spring approaches snow just doesn't vanish - it melts then refreezes and can repeat this cycle several times. The Crushed Glass Bundle makes it easy to get that exact same look. And if you really want to sell the effect - add a tiny amount of leaf litter to make the snow appear "dirty".

Different effects are easily achieved by changing the ratio of Water Effect to Crushed Glass. More Glass and less Water, you get thick, icy clumps that can easily become terrain in their own right. More Water and less Glass and you get the spring thaw. Then use an old brush to take the Water Effect by itself and draw a ragged line away from the snow, combine it with the existing sand on your base, and you have muddy runoff.

The nice thing is it's not near as messy as a spring thaw. I use a paper plate to catch any excess but I really don't have a big mess to clean up when I'm done. These two little items will allow you to really change up the appearance of your winter themed bases. When you consider the variety vs. the price, it's extremely cost-effective.

So go ahead, get creative! Your minis will thank you for it!
Date Added: 06/08/2012 by Karrie Balwochus