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Acrylic Wash - Soft Body Black


Soft Body Black has turned into my favorite wash for a number of reasons. It's perfect for adding shading without changing or darkening the surrounding colors. Once, I wanted to stain a white primed mini and thought if I applied it enough times it would create the effect... after 5 separate applications I gave up and moved on to something else since it refused to tint the white!

A great use for this color is to wash a model immediately after priming it white in order to bring back all the details. Another great use for it is darkening other washes. I use 3 drops of Soft Body and one drop of Sapphire to create a lovely wash to go over grey metallic.

You can thin this wash if you need to, but generally I find it to be sufficiently thin already to use straight from the bottle.
Date Added: 03/21/2014 by Casey Roberts