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Sack O Skulls


The value of these skulls cannot be denied, but value doesn't always guarantee quality.
Rest assured then, that these skulls are of the best the hobby market has to offer, major corporate level war gaming companies included.
They are scaled perfectly for 28mm (heroic). They are not all the same so there is a visible variety in any grouping.
Mold lines are very feint, if you can find them at all and the sculpting is at a premium, these do not look like they belong in a cartoon or under the foot of some grossly disproportionate warrior they look real and would find a place in any application where a good skull could be needed.
Businesses usually offer 2 of 3 things: Quality, Quantity, or Low Cost.
Secret Weapon could easily get away with charging more, for less with quality this good.
But they don't.
So buy lots, you wont regret it at all.
Date Added: 04/14/2011 by Scott Van Scheik