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Round Lip Bases: Urban Rubble Base 01 50mm


Perfect for Warmachine / Iron Kingdoms for warjacks! The wooden plank and the bare metal wheel (could easily be a warjack part, or part of a wrecked train) can be positioned at a different angle on the base so I can re-use the same base for several 'jacks, and it won't look like I'm "recycling" (especially once I add a little more debris for finishing the base). The plank in the middle is relatively flat, and cleverly positioned so that it crosses the middle of the base AND heads out toward the edge; this means that I've got a good anchor point for me to pin down at least one foot of the 'jack on a relatively flat surface. The wheel angles out near the rim, so it doesn't compromise the relatively level area in the middle of the base, but still gives me a raised element should I happen to have a model that could benefit from a slightly more dynamic pose (i.e., one foot slightly higher than the other, stepping on something). The debris has enough detail to it -- but isn't so EXPRESSLY detailed -- that I can paint it up to pass for bricks/rubble, or else just paint it up like rocks.
Date Added: 10/31/2019 by Jordan Peacock