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Round Lip Bases: Urban Rubble 120mm


Perfectly sized for a Warmachine / Iron Kingdoms Colossal-scale mini (120mm). The sidewalk might look a little on the modern-ish side, but the street has been reduced to so much rubble that it's not hard to imagine that there COULD be some cobblestone underneath all that brick (and the fallen lamp-post could just be painted up bronze-and-verdigris, and it should still work for the setting). The debris has little bits of interest that can be picked out for some color variety: broken planks, the top of a house door frame, the broken cornerstone, sidewalk, lamp post, bricks of various sizes, etc. Even with fairly basic wash-and-drybrush work, it pretty easily makes for an impressive-looking foundation for a big stompy monster or 'jack.
Date Added: 10/31/2019 by Jordan Peacock