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Beveled Bases: Blasted Wetlands 25x70mm


I love these bases. Easily, some of the absolute best on the market- detail, casting quality, utility of design when it comes to the scenic elements, the resin itself- Secret Weapon scores absolute top marks on all of the above.

And mind you- I enjoy basing from scratch, as something of a hobby in and of itself, so I'm not looking to cut corners, or speed up a distasteful part of the process. These bases are just *that* good.

I bought a small test batch, and not only am I already planning my followup order, but I'm actually, actively looking for excuses to use the bases I have. I'm seriously excited about the prospect of painting up a *BASE*, people- what more do I need to say? Trust me- get some.
Date Added: 09/11/2014 by Scott Blair