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Round Lip Bases: Tau Ceti 30mm


I picked up several of these for basing the smaller, non-vehicle models in my Relic Knights "Cerci Speed Circuit" set. Once primed, basic details can be highlighted by applying paint in a "stain" approach (i.e., heavily daub on an acrylic paint, getting into all the recesses, then brush excess off, leaving paint to accumulate in the recessed scribed surface details) -- and then go back with a narrow liner to trace detail edges, and do clean-up work. The surfaces are a bit too smooth to respond well to washes or dry-brushing, IMHO.

These make a nice, sleek sort of sci-fi futuristic detailing, and have plenty of flat, or even-topped surface so that I have an easy time finding places to plant the feet of miniatures to pin to the bases.
Date Added: 12/09/2019 by Jordan Peacock