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Round Lip: Tau Ceti 100mm


Great "sleek futuristic" base for larger "mecha"-style robots for cyberpunk and sci-fi miniatures settings. I've gotten a few copies of this same base, since it's versatile enough that I can just rotate it around a few different ways and it doesn't immediately stand out as the *same base* for several robots (especially once I add a few scatter elements, after I've anchored down the feet of the robot). The base is mostly level, allowing for maximum flexibility for me to put a walker or vehicle in the space; the raised dome on one side is close to the rim, so it's easy to position so that it won't cut into the "footprint" of the model. I can get a pretty nice effect with some very basic staining in the recessed areas to make the lines "pop," and then some colored pencil highlighting over paint to call out the edges of the panels. The "vents" on two parts of the model are good spots for "glowing" tech bits for some color interest and "cast light" effects.
Date Added: 10/31/2019 by Jordan Peacock