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Tablescapes Tiles: Scrap Yard (16 Tiles)

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Just received my 4' by 4' Scrap Yard Tablescape today and it is AWESOME! I've been doing my own modular systems in wood until now, and what a waste of time, when there are products like this available... Never was a big fan of Realm of Battle boards, they have way to few combination possibilities and poor solution to keeping them fit together. But this Tablescape system is the bees knees!

The snap fit system that connects the tiles work really well and are easy to plug in and remove (GW watch and learn...). I love the detail and variety on the tiles, some make nice "flat" surfaces for placing buildings or other scenery to rest upon. Those with a more raised profile make excellent difficult ground and are just high enough to be usable as cover, e.i. like a crater would be.

They blend in very nicely however you assemble them, there is a tiny line of course where they fit together, but a little creativity, some flock and well planned paint work will make it almost seamless.

Way to go guys, keep up the good work :-)
Date Added: 03/11/2016 by Lars Birkeskov Andreasen