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Round Lip Bases: Shattered Ritual 30mm


Perfect for Relic Knights Doctrine faction, or for various Warmachine arcane types. I got some pretty nice results by base-coating with spray-on white primer, then "staining" with Apple Barrel "Pewter" paint (a sort of "dirty" grey that is ever-so-slightly yellow-green tinted). Basically, I would just smear the paint over the surface, then wipe off the excess, allowing bits of "pewter" to collect in the recessed/etched details, and "stain" the surface. The result gives a cracked, aged porcelain or tile effect fairly easily. I then go in to paint the major ring shapes with a golden-yellow tint (and a little bit of watered-down Pumpkin Orange at the edges, for color variation), and then apply a few uneven spots of color to some of the decorative symbols (preferably pastel or other reduced-saturation colors, so it is in keeping with the "old" tile look). And then, of course, the occasional SKULL gets painted up just like any other skull on the table (my preference being "Parchment" off-white, with a slight staining of "Burnt Sienna" wash). These bases are very practical in the sense of having largely flat surfaces, making it quite easy to find a good foundation for most figures, but with plenty of details going on to keep things visually interesting. Some bases in this theme would also work as terrain elements for dungeon decoration (most obviously for a "magic circle" element).
Date Added: 12/09/2019 by Jordan Peacock