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Round Lip Bases: Shattered Ritual 120mm


I LOVE the theme, which is perfect for fantasy spellcasters, golems, cultists, etc. The contrast between smooth and rough surfaces, with lots of well-defined scribed details means that it paints up to look pretty nice even with the most basic of dry-brush and wash techniques. This particular piece is perfect for Huge (Gargantuan/Colossal) models for Warmachine/Hordes -- just sink some Necrotite Green into some of the recessed lines and into the skull eyes, and this would be ideal for a Cryx Battle Engine. It also has potential for mini-dioramas and scenery -- I picked up one of these to build up a "big boss fight" dungeon tile, to represent the site of the evil ritual the heroes have to disrupt. I could also see the smaller bases in this theme as working for Doctrine in Relic Knights (well, maybe not all the SKULLS, but definitely the magic circles ;) ).
Date Added: 01/23/2019 by Jordan Peacock